New Candy Store Vinyl

DSC_3596Minor Majorty release Candy Store from 2007 as a triple album on vinyl. A beautiful collectable with extra material, both songs and pictures and with awesome sound.

If you buy it from BIG DIPPER in Oslo now, you even get a free limited edition CD with 13 songs recorded live at Minor Majority’s Jan 2018 concert in Oslo.

The Live CD holds the following tracks:

  1. As good as it gets
  2. By this time tomorrow
  3. Alison
  4. The dark half
  5. (In That) Premature way
  6. This time
  7. Don’t say you love me
  8. No particular girl
  9. Like someone changed the rules for us
  10. Live your life as you look
  11. Wish you’d hold that smile
  12. She’s a New Yorker
  13. Supergirl

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ørjan Bjørnevik.


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