The Norwegian pop/rock/folk band Minor Majority has from the beginning in 2000 developed from a small indie-act to become one of the bestselling artists in Norway, playing in sold-out venues all over the country. The band is also a critically acclaimed live- and album artist in France, Switzerland and Germany and have toured extensively in these territories.

Minor Majority have released seven studio albums: Walking Home From Nicole’s (2001), If I Told You, You Were Beautiful (2002), Up For You & I (2004), Reasons To Hang Around (2006), Candy Store (2007), Either Way I Think You Know (2009) and Napkin Poetry (2019). 

They received gold album-trophies for the albums: Up For You & I , Reasons To Hang Around and Candy Store.

Minor Majority has been nominated for the Norwegian Grammy equivalent: Spellemannprisen twice, and won in the category: “best pop group” in 2006 for the album  Reasons To Hang Around.

Minor Majority was formed by Pål Angelskår and Andreas Berczelly as a studio project in 1999. The first record, , was released two years later with significant help from singer/songwriter Karen Jo Fields. In November 2001 the band saw the addition of guitarist Jon Arild Nupen Stieng and the duo went on tour for the first time in the spring of 2002. Berczelly left the band and concentrated on full-time producing, which he has done for the band on many occasions.

The band’s next album was recorded in Stieng’s house in Oslo that same summer, and was released in October. For the upcoming tour of spring 2003 keyboardist Harald Sommerstad joined, and the band was now a trio.

Prior to the Norwegian Quart-festivalen the same year, the band was extended further by drummer Halvor Høgh Winsnes (Fast Winston Doom of Tulsa Doom) and bassist Henrik Harr Widerøe. The band was complete, and in the late summer “Up For You & I ” was recorded at Sommerstad’s cabin near Halden in the south of Norway. The album was released in January 2004, and was an immediate success, boasting 24 weeks in the official Norwegian albums chart, a gold record and numerous price award nominations for best Norwegian pop album of the year.

After the following tour of more than 100 gigs both nationally and abroad (France, Switzerland and Germany), the band spent the greater part of 2005 in Berczelly’s studio, and released their fourth album January 2006. It reached number 2 in the Norwegian charts. For it, they were awarded the Norwegian Grammy equivalent: Spellemannprisen.

2007 saw the release of their fifth album, which reached number 3 in the Norwegian charts. After the release of the album, the band embarked on a Norwegian tour in September, followed by tours of Germany, France, The Netherlands, Lithuania and Switzerland during the first four months of 2008.

In 2009 Minor Majority released their sixth album , which reached number 11 in the Norwegian charts. It was followed by extensive touring in Norway and Europe.

In 2010 Minor Majority released a split single with the Norwegian boner rockers “The Cumshots” on which the two bands did a cover of each others songs (Electrolove/ I Drink Alone).

The band stated, in 2010, that they intended to have a pause, but that they eventually would cotinue to play and record together.

After a 4 year break, Minor Majority appeared live in front of a sold out Sentrum Scene in Oslo where they performed their breakthrough album Up For You & I in it’s entirety. The concert was followed by a sold out tour of Norway.

In 2016 the band released a new song: I’ve Been Here Before You.

2017 saw the release of two new Minor Majority singles: Easier To Sing and Napkin Poetry.

On October 12 th 2019, Minor Majority  released the single: Another Year.

Their 7th studio album Napkin Poetry  was released on January 11th, 2019. It was followed by an extensive tour.


Minor Majority is:

ad7_16   Pål Angelskår – Vocal, Guitar

   Roar Nilsen –  Guitars

ad7_10   Henrik Harr Widerøe – Bass, Banjo, Vocals

ad10_06   Harald Sommerstad – Keys

ad9_10   Halvor Høgh Winsnes – Drums

Photos: Anne Deniau/Virginie Vesque