Walking Home From Nicole’s

Easy and Safe (Angelskår)


First of all there’s you and me

Then there’s the Atlantic Sea

Then there’s New York

Eating from your hands


There’s a phone booth just next door

I carry change in my pocket

Just to make sure

That you’re close by


Can you hear me

Do you want to hear me

Do you fear me

To be near me

When I’m not there


I want it all to be easy and safe

And I do not want to exaggerate

I get this urge to explain myself

When there’s too much space


You want to be of use, you say

Well there’s not too many useful things these days

But I could use a piece of you right now

So hang in there


Can you hear me

Do you want to hear me

Do you fear me

To be near me

When I’m not there



What I deserve (Angelskår)


There are times, she cried

When I do wonder why

Why we’re all so afraid to die

I see her eyes getting wet

By the third cigarette

Politely I ask her why


There’s so many people around me

And it tears me apart

It seems I can’t commit at all

Without breaking someones heart

And when I’m alone at the end of the day

There’s no one to see if I’m ok


And I do care for you, she says, kissing my cheek

But you’ll be gone by the end of the week

And if I were to wait for someone like you

Then I’d have to give up what I do


I might hate myself for telling you this

But you’re not enough, she says, biting her lip

You might think I’m a coward, not having the nerve

But I’m not what you deserve



Electrolove (Angelskår)


You’re somewhere out there

Don’t know what you do

But your commitment fades

Just like a bad tattoo


And I don’t blame you

Cause I know what’s wrong

I just can’t spell it out in words no more


Seems like our memories are growing old

Cause when I’m with you It’s like I’m all alone

And I’m so tired of being sad

And I’m fucking bored with analyzing it


This is how we come undone

This is how we come undone

This is how we come undone


I can’t fight this feeling that it’s not our fault

We’ve just been on our own too long

For this Electrolove


You say you want me, I say I want you back

I want you to have me

But you seem uncertain

seems like a love declared is a love unheard of


And I don’t know how to make you smile

How to get you off or how to make you mine

Don’t even know how to let you go

I don’t know how, it seems I just don’t know


But I know how to let you down

I know how to let you down

I know how to make you frown

And even though I’m out of line

I hate to say I told you so

I can’t let you go




Like a wildflower fighting for life on a rock

I’m too much with myself not to see what I’ve got

And I’ve got dreams that I call my own

But they’re not completed by me alone

Can you be that someone?




Singalongsong (Angelskår)


Hey you, yeah you

would you want to be my mate

If so, let’s go

Consider me you date


Appreciate my appreciation

On this stage there’s no information


You’re cool, you’re so cool

And I guess that’s what it takes

To feel free, to feel me

The world is just a stage


Appreciate my appreciation

On this stage there’s no limitations


So how does it feel; being adored

When dropping your panties on the floor

When you see in my eyes what I came here for


Appreciate my appreciation

On this stage there might be some expectations



She’s a New Yorker (Angelskår)


I take off with the aeoroplane

Thinking about yesterday, if it’s already part of the past

I ReThink the promises made, things I didn’t say

The stages we’ve passed

Cause it’s all about a girl

Mine is a perfectly predictable world


She’s a New Yorker

Me, I’m on my way out of town

She’s a New Yorker

Me, I’m spread all around


In my hand there’s a sleeping pill

Rolled into a dollar bill

It’s got a name but I can not recall

In my mind there’s an ongoing fight

Between wrong and right

And the end isn’t happy at all


So I ask for a drink

As I think of unthinkable things

Like leaving New York without giving her a ring

She’s a New Yorker

To me it’s the weirdest thing


There’s this add in a magazine

Revealing a one eyed dream

But it shines like the sun

And I can not but stare at this girl

Cause her clothes they’re not on

That’s except for her shoes

But it doesn’t look like she’s going to move


She’s a New Yorker

Me I’m spread all around

She’s a New Yorker

Me, seems I’m homeward bound



A kid that used to look like me (Angelskår)


How come my life is of vital importance

For people that I never see?

Seems like years can go by and all they remember

Is what I did not grow up to be


Just like I have been sick with incurable cancer

And everyone else can come up with the answer

That the doctor just failed to see

While they’ve gotten older, I’ve been kept in their folders

As a kid that used to look like me


She’s just a girl with a face fronting postcards

And a heart that’s never at ease

She might look twentyone, but she won’t do for long

So she acts as if she’s seventeen


And there is one topic you just won’t let go of

My girlfriends location, her plans for tomorrow

How come she’s not here with you?

The Atlantic Sea may be a killer of dreams

if what you want is a swimming pool


now, what is a promise if she’s not there to keep it?

What if you crash, you’re not wearing a seatbelt

You’d surely get hurt if she ran

And that’s the price you pay for staying the same

You distrust what you don’t understand


Passion for property (Melody: Berczelly / Words: Angelskår)


You’re one of the things that I’d throw away

If i weren’t afraid that someone else would pick you up

My passion for you is a passion for property


There are people who love only once

These are the shallow people

There are people who can’t live alone

These are the hollow people


Then there are people like you and me

With a passion for property

Sometimes I wonder which one of the three

I should greet and treat respectfully


My passion for you is a passion for property



Judy’s got a hunch (Angelskår)


There’s no turning back

If you want an overview

Of what you thought you knew

There’s no way around

You can’t get over it

Except by fighting it


So hang on, she says

She’s mighty good at saying it

But it don’t get to me

Cause Judy’s got a hunch


This is not a good time

For talking about the stuff that we do

Time is never on my side

That’s why I need to know about you


So hang on I say

I’m getting good at saying it

But it don’t get to her

Cause Judy’s got a hunch



Walking home from Nicole’s (Angelskår)


There were times

When I couldn’t even look her in the eyes

But this is long ago

There were words

But they’re just words, my love

And these were words of love


You’re something else

That’s what I keep telling myself

When I can’t figure you out

And I’m not sure

If you’re a rebound girl

Or if I just need the comfort of a doubt

But we were almost there


No, I have no right

To rearrange your life

But I’m this greedy guy

A beautiful girl and a heartshaped world

It just can’t change the fact that I

Never knew how to share

And I’m not even half way there


How come you want me out of sight

When you squeese my hand this hard?

And how come you push me away

When I’m trying to set you free?



Goodbye Again (Angelskår)


Goodbye again

Thank you for being different

So long

I’m charmed but I’m never addicted

Goodbye my friend


Goodbye my friend

And thank you for being different

Goodbye again