Print Lucy – Single (2018) LYRICS

MM_Patricia_1500x1500 Patricia – Single (2018) LYRICS

MM_Another_Year_3125x3125_org  Another Year – Single (2018) LYRICS

MM_Napkin_Poetry_single_cover_1500x1500_2(1)   Napkin Poetry – Single (2017)  LYRICS

MM_Easier_To_Sing_single_cover_3    It’s Easier To Sing – Single (2017)   LYRICS

unnamed-3     I’ve Been Here Before You – Single (2016)   LYRICS

500x500     I Drink Alone – 7″single (2010)

unnamed-2     Either Way I Think You Know – French Edition (2010)

either_way_110x122     Either Way I Think You Know (2009)   LYRICS

candy_store     Candy Store (2007)   LYRICS

reasons_to_hang_around     Reasons To Hang Around (2006)   LYRICS

2138_display_8f228eb28024a696a9791724dd855dc5     Up For You And I (2004)   LYRICS

2137_display_3819bf416c1b6102c366ae5cfa597002     If I Told You You Were Beautiful (2002)   LYRICS

2139_display_bca68cb279d52b8319771211a3b78e07     Walking Home From Nicole’s (2001)   LYRICS