I’ve been here before you (Angelskår)


Come to me with your silliest dream

Come to me when you’re hopeful

Come to me just to disagree

I’ll be at your disposal


Come to me right after she leaves

when it feels like you can’t make it past her

sweet summer girls they leave no guarantees

and they don’t always pick up to answer


And everybody knows

At one point you’ll expect me to show you how

Before you give the the dream a go

When it feels like you’re made for that rock’n’roll


Come to me when you’re down on your knees

And this world is more than you can handle

Come to me, let me know how it feels

Let’s see if we can find another angle


Feels like I should know

If you were right to expect just a little more

when you have to let her go

And no earthly reason seems good enough


I’ve been here before

I’ve been here before you


Come to me when you no longer believe

In all the things that I taught you

Come to me, let yourself in

Stay for as long as you want to



It’s easier to sing (Angelskår)


I can make her listen in a song

I can make her keep her promises, right her every wrong

I can make her understand

But it’s the only way I can


I can make her call me at first light

And instead of saying: «sorry I just can’t make it tonight»

She’ll arrive on time

no distractions on her mind


This is what I do, honey

I don’t want to pick a fight

It’s just easier to sing

Than to wait for you to call me back, tonight


Other men, you’ll leave them all alone

Instead of listening to a heart that keeps proving you wrong

Time and time again

You’ve got to give it a chance to mend


I can make you love me in a song

I can make you keep your promises and regain some control

And though I can’t make it true

I might come across to you


No song is just a song, honey

it carries heart, it lends a hand

Cause it’s easier to sing

Than to wait around for you to understand

It’s just easier to sing

Than to wait for you to love me as I am