Gregory Wicky

Gregory Wicky is one of those truly great songwriters who somehow passed unnoticed under the mainstream radar. He lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. Wicky has released albums with the band «Chewy», the duo «The Company of Men» and solo under his alias «Pendleton». «There Will come another» was originally recorded for Pendletons second album: «No Dragons On These Streets» which is one of my favorite European records from the first decade of the 2000’s. Wicky (then under the name of Pendleton) supported Minor Majority on tours both in Switzerland and Norway in 2006 / 2007. He’s a rare talent and you should do yourself the favour of investigating his work.




As Pendleton:


Pendleton: Grounded For a Year (2004)

Pendleton: No Dragons on These Streets (2006)


With Chewy:


Chewy – «Chewy Ep» (1999)

Chewy – «Somanydynamos» (2002)

Chewy – «Whattookyousolong» (2011)

Chewy – «Bravado!» (2011)


With The Company of Men:

The Company Of Men – «I Prefer» (2016)