Jakob Krogvold

Jakob Krogvold (1972) is a norwegian singer, guitarist and songwriter. He lives in Oslo and is a longtime friend of ours. In the late ninetees he was the lead singer in the norwegian punkrock band Rumboid which also featured Minor Majority’s Jon Arild Stieng on guitar and Halvor Høgh Winsnes on drums. Krogvold is currently the lead singer in the norwegian hardrock outfit Thulsa Doom where Halvor still bangs the drums. Krogvold wrote «Bloomed and Died» especially for Minor Majority’s 2009 album: «Either Way I Think You Know».  




With Rumboid:

Rumboid: «Yef» (1997)

With Thulsa Doom:

Thulsa Doom: «She Fucks Me» (2000)

Thulsa Doom: «The Seats Are Soft But The Helmet Is Way Too Tight» (2000)

Thulsa Doom: «…and Then Take You To A Place Where Jars Are Kept» (2003)